Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring card...

I am not sure if I like this card or not...I have a friend who purchased a Cricut and 15 cartridges and I borrowed one of her cartridges that I have wanted and made this card....
This was made with Stretch Your Imagination and I think I cut it at 5 1/4.  I used a floral stamp with a lighter pink and then used a red with another floral stamp on top of that.  I added a little bit of stickles and used a Q-tip and stamp pads on the flowers on the frame...I also added a piece of white paper on the inside of the card for a backing to the word "Spring"...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Cathe!
    I sometimes look at my "stuff" & am not sure if I like it or not...but once someone else sees it and says "Wow!", then I think I DO like it & say to myself, "Hhmmm, I guess it's not that bad!" Alls I have to say about your card is, "Wow! Maybe Spring has finally sprung!"
    Hugs from R.I.,