Friday, March 4, 2011

My Pink Stamper feathered friend challenge...

This is what I came up with for Robyns challenge...
I did question myself on whether or not these cute creatures had I noticed that nobody had done one of these feathered friends yet...
Yes, penguins do have feathers. They are shiny and uniformly overlap to form a dense layer of protection. A Penguin's feathers are highly specialized, They are short, broad, and spaced very closely. These attributes help to keep water away from their skin. Penguin feathers also have small tufts of down on the shafts that increase the insulative properties of the feathers.
  • card is 6 1/2 x 5
  • cut black card stock at 1/4" less
  • the white card stock is opalescent but it is hard to was cut to fit the Cuttlebug folder...
  • the penguin was cut at 3"
  • I added a bow with some scrap ribbon that I had
  • the "just chillin" was cute at about 1 1/2" (I think) and I adhered it to a piece of something that I cut out a while ago that was in my scrap pile
  • the blue sparkle ribbon was purchased at Michaels during Valentine's Day
I sure hope y'all like this one...I had fun making it


  1. So CUTE! I was just going through the dashboard and saw your "so tweet" card and suggested you enter the MPS challenge LOL, goodluck!

  2. Adorable little penguin. And fun facts; I never expected to learn so much about feathers! Good luck.

    Bekah P

  3. birde he cute1 girl...that's from my 5 yr old! She is browsing the MPS challenge this morning and wanted to see your cute little penguin! She is adorable and I love the embossing! Nice work!

  4. Just browsing the MPS challenge and had to click to see your super cute penguin card up close...very cute!! ;0)


  5. Hi Cathe!
    I have always LOVED penguins! And I knew they have feathers, thought about entering one for the MPS challenge, but for some reason didn't! Yours is such a cutie-pie!. Good Luck! GREAT JOB!!!!
    Hugs from R.I.,

  6. What a gorgeous card!!!! Thank you so much for sharing.