Monday, January 24, 2011

My first Blog Award ! ! !

Blog Award

A huge thank you to Summer for sending some love my way and awarding me with this Stylish Blogger Award, please be sure to check her out! Summer is at Cricut Diaries...

I want to thank Summer for visiting my site and giving me this award...I felt really good inside upon receiving this award.

Upon receiving this award:
  • I (you) must thank the person (s) and link it back to their blog
  • Inform all the new recipients of their award
  • Share 8 things about myself (yourself)
  • Pass it on to 8 individuals (blogs) that you recently discovered. This is always a great way to find new inspiration so be sure to check them out!

It was very hard for me to select who else to pass this award on to.  I have come across some very amazing crafters...Congratulations to all...(the names are in no particular order)

Erin Lee Creative
The Scrapbooking Queen
Gloria's Goofy Craft Spot
Tisha's Craft Cove
Believe Dream Create with Maria
Bug Lover Cards
Crazy About Cricut
Ink and Paper Creations

Now, here are 8 things about myself:

1: I met my husband at a Chevron gas station.
2: I have moved 15 times since 1992.
3: I have 2 girls.
4: I love white chocolate fraps from Star Bucks.
5: I wish I knew more people close to me that scrapbook/make cards.
6: I wish I had internet at home.
7: I wish I lived closer to my good friend in Oregon.
8: I would love to move out of one of the southern states :)


  1. You are so very sweet! Thank you so very much for nominating me Cathe!
    I can't wait to see more of your work!


  2. Well what can I say you are a Stylish Blogger! And about the 15 moves since 1992, makes me wonder if you are a fellow military wife?